Environmental Commitment

For more than 60 years, Morrill Motors has been committed to protecting the Earth's natural resources. Our high-efficiency refrigeration motors are designed and built to use less energy, and maintain peak efficiency through years of use. By lowering energy usage and reducing product obsolescence, Morrill Motors is helping to keep our planet a very cool place.


Every product in the Morrill Motors lineup is built to perform at maximum efficiency, and outlast comparable refrigeration motors. Increased reliability provides more than peace-of-mind for our customers. It reduces the number of worn out motors thrown into our landfills, as well as the raw materials required to build replacement motors.


Morrill Motors refrigeration motors do more than protect the planet, they protect our customers’ bottom lines. Reduced energy usage and fewer replacements lowers their cost of doing business, making their investment in quality Morrill Motors well worth
the effort.